Available at lunch time, early evenings or Saturdays, these workshops represent a break in  the university course and offer the possibility of acquiring unusual knowledge.

Moreover, there are no exams but an assessment in order to put in practice what has been learnt, such as a beautiful concert for the gospel group, a meeting with one of the authors studied in literature, or a chess tournament.

Denis Diderot’s workshops are not  normal classes. Students obtain extra academic knowledge from them but they do not hold any credit.

During those workshops there are no teachers but just professionals who share their knowledge on a pecculiar field of study with beginners or experts. Their aim is to share knowledge.

They are free and everybody gets something from them.

They are open to students, university staff and even people from the neighborhood. So, join us!

In the list below you can find our workshops for 2018/19



Ateliers en ligne gratuits ouverts à tous

Inscription indispensable au Loft, par mail, par téléphone ou via le formulaire en ligne sur les pages de chaque atelier.

Plus de renseignements auprès du pôle culture :
01 57 27 59 37 // culture@univ-paris.fr


Retrouvez chaque jeudi Emmanuel Neiman, joueur de haut niveau et Maître de la Fédération Internationale des Échecs et participez à des tournois Lichess !

Tournoi international d'échecs

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